Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A beautiful Baby Cardigan

Ouch!!..haven't posted in such a long time.. mind you..if I look back I think every post of mine should begin with "I haven't posted in such a long time!!" hahahha.... BUT! I have a good excuse, moving,! lol...

Anyway! so my cousin and his wife recently had a new addition to the family and aunty (that would be me ;)) had to get the needles out to making something hand-made. Bought stuff is great and all but nothing compares to a handmade gift in my opinion!... Browsed through a LOT of patterns before I found this little beauty. I wanted something girly..but not TOO girly..also something simple. This is a Debbie Bliss Pattern - Cardigan with Frilled Sleeves from her "The Baby Knits Book".

I love her designs - they are practical and usually very simple!

This is the finished product!! Think its just too cute! I made little baby hanger as well just because it looked better when presented :)

This was the making up phaze.. I think its the part of knitting or crochet I dislike the most haha!

The hanger is a similar pattern to my Vintage Crochet Hanger pattern earlier in the blog. I have re-post the FREE pattern to it though.. When I uploaded it the first time it was to a site which allowed free downloads.. that has apparently my next project will be to redo the pattern on the blog so it stays Free!

Not quite sure what the next knitting/crochet project will be..BUT will let you know as soon as I know! haha

Today, here in South Africa, is National Braai Day - similar to a BBQ I suppose, but better!! haha.. so Happy Braai Day everyone! Off to make my fire now.....

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