Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mosaic Crochet

Ok... so I stumbled upon a really great looking downloadable video by Lily Chin in which she shows her mosaic crochet techniques.  The afghans and stitches she shows really look amazing, and once you realize just how easy it is you wonder why you didn't think of it first.. hahahah..... On a negative note... for us South African's, the download is quite expensive..and to be honest.. I was expecting a bit more.  It's great for a beginner... but for intermediate and expert crocheters..it can get a bit drawn out.  That said.. it opens a host of possibilities and you can really let the creative juices flow and design your own patterns.  The link to this video:  http://www.interweavestore.com/Crochet/DVDs-Videos/Crochet-Me-Workshop-Mosaic-Crochet-with-Lily-Chin-DVD.html

Here is a sampler I made to try out one of the patterns.  On an afghan this would work great!!!  Apologies for the quality of the photo....

Monday, 17 October 2011

WIP - Modified Version of the Kaleidoscope Circle Cushion Cover

Almost done!! This is a modified version of Jane Crowfoot's Kaleidoscope Circle Cushion Cover.  I recently posted one that I did according to the exact pattern.  In this one I added copper rows between every second color block. The middle medallion has also been modified and enlarged.  This started out as one of those easy knitting projects you can do in between the more complex knitting projects  a "resting" project if you want, Lol... Quite surprised that I finished it to be honest! Hahaha...... these are one of those projects that you kinda expect will go into hybernation... and eventually just die.  Luckily that didn't happen...and taddaaaa!! Now all I need to do is sew it up with ALLLL the other ones that ALSO need sewing up ...lol....

Project was knitted on 3mm needles with the short-row-knitting technique in Elle Pure Gold DK - in various colors.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Yarn Love

Some of the stuffs I'm soooooooooo in love with.... The colors are the stuff my dreams are made of. Haha...
Busy making some storage racks for all my wool. My gran frequently jokes that I have enough yarn to open my own wool shop... lol. So.. now..instead of stashing them in containers.. I'm gonna be able to actually SEE what I have.. the color combinations etc.  I often forget what I have.. and it's almost like christmas when I re-discover something lost for a year or two lol... Will start packing all the yarns out tomorrow.. hoping to post a few pics once its done!! Woohoooo!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Tasseliciousness.....

Soooooo..... always trying something new..(and I have a love affair with tassels), I obviously tried to make my own tassels lol.   Now I'm quite specific about exactly which tassels I like. Obviously the gloriously complex tassels one sees at the Asian Markets and the Turkish and Moroccan shops are fantastic. Not really having plenty of those around - I opted for my own version lol.  These ones were made specifically for (another) pillow cover im working on -a WIP I still need to photograph and post.  The cover is crocheted in an Indigo Blue and Beige variegated yarn - the tassels were obviously made to match that.  Anyway... here they are.  I'm definitely going to be making plenty  more of these. I think they will be perfect for bags as well...... :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

WIP - Spanish Tiles Cushion Cover

Still needs to be sewn up and finished off.  The pattern is from the book 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws by the The Needlecraft Shop  There are some other amazing patterns in this book as well... a good buy!

WIP - Persian Tiles by Jade Starmore

Ok... so I've made some progress on this. I improvised some circular needles and transferred the flatwork to them. Its going slow..but much better with circulars lol.  This time round you can actually the pattern developing. This is my first attemp at fair isle, so I'm probably a lot slower than the ferilers out there! haha

WIP - Petal Power Cushion

...aaannddd another design by Jane Crowfoot.  I have to be honest..this one is taking me a while to complete. The intarsia takes a lot of concentration as I am working with 9 colors at once.  Excellent pratice in Intarsia though! lol...

WIP - Tropical Flower Cushion Cover

Again a pattern from Jane Crowfoot. In this instance it requires short-row-knitting as well as intarsia.  The crochet centrepiece can be decorated with beads (which I did) and I'm happy with how it turned out. This one also needs to be sewn up!

WIP - Kaleidoscope Circle Cushion Cover

Ok..so I thought it about time I start documenting all the different projects I have running at the same time! haha... This pillow cover was a joy to knit and a good excersise in short-row-knitting.  It's a very colorful cushion cover and I'm quite chuffed with it!! haha.... The pattern is available for purchase and download online at the Jane Crowfoot website. She is also the designer of this pattern. Now I just need to sew it up!

My handmade Crochet and Knit Bags

A collage of the bags I finished. The green bag is a Knit/Crochet mix and the Orange one is a variation of the granny square.  Both bags are lined,

Saturday, 8 October 2011

FREE Pattern - Vintage Crochet Hanger

I had some requests to publish this pattern...so here it is!! Enjoy! :)

For Free Download just Click on the Image!

FREE Pattern - African Flower Hexagon Crochet

To Download this PDF just click on the image!
Friday, 7 October 2011

My Vintage Crochet Hanger Done!

Crochet Edging / Border attached to the Hanger

The Hanger ready for decoration
 And it's Done!! I love the way the colors work together and the final result! This is my first vintage hanger so I am loving it at the moment! ahaha

I made the whole thing without any patterns so I am quite proud of how it turned out.  The crochet Edging is very easy and I'll post a tutorial as soon as I write it down.  The roses are easy to make too so I'll post that as well. The Danglies are just that...danglies lol..... I want to make some more of these with some different colors and  I also want to make a brighter and different hanger - with a bit of color work involved. Lets see if I get to that! ahhaha
And Done! Attached my Crochet Roses and Danglies

A nice prop to show off something! Heheh

Close Up of the Crochet Flowers and Danglies
Thursday, 6 October 2011

Designed my Own little crochet edging!!

 Busy with a small vintage project I've been wanting to do for ages. And it called for a little bit of lacyness...:)

I didn't have any crochet lace edging patterns handy so I just started trying out something myself. And this is the result... hahaha

Quite chuffed with herself she is!!

 I will post my vintage project tomorrow where my little lace edging will feature!!
Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My labels arrived!

Ruby Red Eclectic - Handmade Originals
 Uber excited!!!

My own labels arrived today - Ruby Red Eclectic - Handmade Originals.  I have been waiting for them for quite a while! lol.... Now I can finally start finishing all the pillow covers I have knitted and crocheted this year.  I will post them as soon as they are done.
Ruby Red Eclectic - Handmade Originals
Sunday, 2 October 2011

Moorish Mosaic Afghan - Projects 2011

When I saw the pattern for this afghan I instantly fell in love and had to do it. It took me about  a month to complete it.. and I have to say I was quite impressed that I completed it! haha... I have about 10 projects on the go at the same time.. and I get easily distracted!!!  lol.. But... its done!! Uber impressed with self..:)

I bought and downloaded the pattern (Design by Lisa Naskrent) from http://www.crochetgarden.com and you can look for it under the name Moorish Mosaic Afghan.  The pattern was easy to follow and was a joy to hook. Here is my completed afghan!! *impishly smiles at self*

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My flat knitting, fair isle project!

My current Fair Isle Project - Persian Tiles by Jade Starmore
So..I just had to start knitting this - and all I had was my normal knitting needles.  So the result being me realizing that there is a reason we knit Fair Isle in the round. Those purl rows be hell!! hahaha.... I recently acquired Jade Starmore's- A Collectors Item and it has some awesome pattern in.  The one I am currently busy with is called Persian Tiles and it is a glorious pattern albeit slightly complex - one really needs to concentrate! I am looking forward to seeing how this will turn out!

Free Fair Isle Mitten Pattern

A lost knitter in South Africa

I really want this yarn!! Lol
I think I might be living in a void..lol. Where are all the great yarn shops and knitting speciality stores?? All I seem to find around me are craft stores with a tiny section devoted to knitting. Most of the yarns are acrylic blends ... the colours leave me wanting...  I dream of walking into a store with wall to wall yarns of all sorts...all colours!

Which is probably why I started this blog. I'm hoping to run in to some other South African knitters here in cyber world. I'm hoping to create a platform where we can share ideas, exchange tips and maybe just make that dream come true of walking into that dream store!!

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