Monday, 17 October 2011

WIP - Modified Version of the Kaleidoscope Circle Cushion Cover

Almost done!! This is a modified version of Jane Crowfoot's Kaleidoscope Circle Cushion Cover.  I recently posted one that I did according to the exact pattern.  In this one I added copper rows between every second color block. The middle medallion has also been modified and enlarged.  This started out as one of those easy knitting projects you can do in between the more complex knitting projects  a "resting" project if you want, Lol... Quite surprised that I finished it to be honest! Hahaha...... these are one of those projects that you kinda expect will go into hybernation... and eventually just die.  Luckily that didn't happen...and taddaaaa!! Now all I need to do is sew it up with ALLLL the other ones that ALSO need sewing up

Project was knitted on 3mm needles with the short-row-knitting technique in Elle Pure Gold DK - in various colors.


annabelle said...

These colors are magnificent! They remind me of some giant kites people make where I live, Guatemala, for All Saints Day. Best wishes!

Pigtails said...

Absolutely beautiful! So glad I stumbled upon this. xxx

J Gordon said...

Wow! Love love love! Very creative, great colour combinations - I would buy this

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