Friday, 7 October 2011

My Vintage Crochet Hanger Done!

Crochet Edging / Border attached to the Hanger

The Hanger ready for decoration
 And it's Done!! I love the way the colors work together and the final result! This is my first vintage hanger so I am loving it at the moment! ahaha

I made the whole thing without any patterns so I am quite proud of how it turned out.  The crochet Edging is very easy and I'll post a tutorial as soon as I write it down.  The roses are easy to make too so I'll post that as well. The Danglies are just that...danglies lol..... I want to make some more of these with some different colors and  I also want to make a brighter and different hanger - with a bit of color work involved. Lets see if I get to that! ahhaha
And Done! Attached my Crochet Roses and Danglies

A nice prop to show off something! Heheh

Close Up of the Crochet Flowers and Danglies


Kerry W said...

This is just so impressive! Really really lovely, elegant and quite special.

Renee Morris said...

Wow stunning!! Please may I have the pattern?

Many thanks xx

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