Friday, 3 October 2014

FREE Pattern -Crochet your own Vintage Placemat!

So I'm still loving vintage! My current project is hooking up some lovely vintage placemats and I thought I'd share it with you! I learnt to do these motifs quite a while ago and also ammended it a bit - unfortunately I have no idea where I originally got the motif pattern from so in this case I can't give credit to the original designer! :( This motif can just as easily be made into a table runner or a lovely throw! I might even try do a bigger project like that soon as they are gorgeous to work with!

I made these with 100% natural cotton I had in my stash. They were handspun and in different sized skeins - more of a double knit thickness than anything else! This pattern will work just as well with crochet yarn - you will just have to adjust the amount of blocks per row to obtain the right size for you. 

So here goes:


ch                 chain stitch
ss                  slip stitch
dc                 double crochet
sc                  single crochet
beg cl           begin cluster; (ch 3,yarn over, insert hook into the same st, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook into same st and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

cl                  cluster; yarn over, insert hook into the st, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook into same st and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, insert hook into same st and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

First Motive:

Make 7 ch; join with a ss into 1st ch to form a loop.

Round 1:  4ch (counts as dc and 1ch); *dc into loop, ch 1*, Repeat from * to *another 14 times (so that together there will be 16 dc in the loop including ch3 that formed the 1st dc), ss into the 3rd ch of the 1st ch4 stitch. 

Round 2:  Beg cl (refer to abbreviations above), ch 3, *skip the next ch 1 space from 1st row, into the top of the next dc of previous row make a cl (refer to abbreviations above), ch 3,* repeat from * to * till there is a cluster in each dc from the previous row (16 clusters in total with ch3 spaces in between), join with a ss into top of 1st cluster.

Round 3:  ss to the ch3 space to the left, make 5 dc into the same ch3 space, ch 5, 5 dc into the same space (corner made), *sc into the next ch 3 space, ch 3, sc into the next ch 3 space, in the next ch 3 space make 5 dc, ch 5, 5dc into the same space (corner)*, repeat from * to * until 4 corners have been made, join with a ss to the top of the first dc.

1st Motif Completed.

The rest of the motifs are joined in the "join as you go" method. 

Motif 2 and the rest of the motifs

Follow the pattern as for motif 1 until the end of round 2.

Round 3 (joining round):  ss to the ch3 space to the left, make 5 dc into the same ch3 space, ch 2, ss next stitch through the ch 5 corner of the 1st motif to join the 2 motifs, ch 2, 5 dc into the same ch 3 space of motif 2, sc in next ch 3 space, 1ch, ss through corresponding ch 3 space of motif 1 to join, 1 ch, sc into next  ch 3 space, ch 1, ss through corresponding ch 3 space of motif 1 to join, ch 1, sc in to next ch 3 space, join the next corner space in the same way as described above. 

For motif 2, complete the rest of the sides and corners as per motif 1. For the following motifs, the same joining technique applies for all sides and corners depending on layout and how many sides are joined at a time. 

If you prefer a different joining technique, or even want to stitch the individual motifs together at the end - its all a matter of preference and should work fine as well.

Once your project is complete - block the piece to ensure the motifs lie flat (during my project i found that the blocks tended to bunch a little. This was however resolved when i blocked!)

and taddaaaa!!!!! Your very own vintage placemat! Should you decide to do this project, please let me know should anything in the instructions be unclear or heaven forbid, you come accross a pattern error! 

Happy Hooking and Enjoy!!

Lots of Yarn Love!!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A beautiful Baby Cardigan

Ouch!!..haven't posted in such a long time.. mind you..if I look back I think every post of mine should begin with "I haven't posted in such a long time!!" hahahha.... BUT! I have a good excuse, moving,! lol...

Anyway! so my cousin and his wife recently had a new addition to the family and aunty (that would be me ;)) had to get the needles out to making something hand-made. Bought stuff is great and all but nothing compares to a handmade gift in my opinion!... Browsed through a LOT of patterns before I found this little beauty. I wanted something girly..but not TOO girly..also something simple. This is a Debbie Bliss Pattern - Cardigan with Frilled Sleeves from her "The Baby Knits Book".

I love her designs - they are practical and usually very simple!

This is the finished product!! Think its just too cute! I made little baby hanger as well just because it looked better when presented :)

This was the making up phaze.. I think its the part of knitting or crochet I dislike the most haha!

The hanger is a similar pattern to my Vintage Crochet Hanger pattern earlier in the blog. I have re-post the FREE pattern to it though.. When I uploaded it the first time it was to a site which allowed free downloads.. that has apparently my next project will be to redo the pattern on the blog so it stays Free!

Not quite sure what the next knitting/crochet project will be..BUT will let you know as soon as I know! haha

Today, here in South Africa, is National Braai Day - similar to a BBQ I suppose, but better!! haha.. so Happy Braai Day everyone! Off to make my fire now.....

Yarn Love
Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREE Pattern - Granny Circle to Square How-To...

Wow...  I haven't posted in forever. So I thought a good way to start off again was to post another pattern haha....  A while ago I posted the granny blanket that was such a hit (Granny blanket post)- it sold so quickly and I really miss the happy, vibrant colours. Decided I will just have to hook another one - and basically stick to similar colours. I thougth I'd share the pattern with you so you can create your own little happy blanket!! :)

Skill Level: Easy


Any yarn, scraps etc. As long you choose the same thickness throughout the blanket. This specific (new) blanket is being done in double knit and I used a 3mm crochet hook.


Round 1:    Colour A - Make 5 ch and ss into first chain to form a ring.
Round 2:    3ch (forms 1st dc), make 11 dc into the ring and join with ss into first dc. (12 dc in ring).

 Round 3:   Join with colour B anywhere. 3ch (forms 1st dc), 1dc in same space, *1ch, 2dc in next space                        between stitches on previous round*, repeat from * to * around the ring, 1ch and join with ss to                    1st stitch. (there will be 12 x clusters of 2dc's)

Round 4:    Join with colour C in any ch1 sp of previous round. 3ch (forms 1st dc), 2dc in same space, *in                      next ch1 space of previous round make 3dc*, repeat from * to * around and join with ss into                        1st stitch. (there will be 12 x clusters of 3dc's)

Round 5:    Join with colour D in any space between the 3dc clusters of previous round. 3ch (forms 1st dc), (2dc , 2ch, 3dc in same space)(forms 1st corner),** in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc,  in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc, in next spc between clusters on previous round make (3dc, 2ch, 3dc in same space) (corner made)**, repeat from ** to ** twice, in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc,  in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc, join with ss into first corner cluster. 

and there!! Your first Granny circle-to-square...just about 200 to go! hahaha.... I love the versatility that granny's give with regards to colour use. And because this pattern almost creates a little "flower" in the centre, it makes it just a little more interesting. 

TIP:  I always block my blocks before sewing them together - it just creates a much neater finish. This pattern also lends itself to the join-as-you-go method and those who prefer to use that method can do so easily.

I hope this pattern was clear. But!!! I did it quite quickly so if I made a mistake please let me know so I can fix it!! 

Anyway - off to carry on with my own blanky! lots of yarn love to you all!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Boho Crochet Bag in Progress

 Been wanting to make this for a looonnnggg time. So! no time like the present. My friends over at Woolhogs are having a MADE IT collection for February - so why not use that as an excuse!! Not done yet - still need to add the lining and the strap - but so far so good. Will defenitely have it finished in feb lol!

The boho bag features my favourite - the African Hexagon (pattern on my blog)! And I chose to use the lovely Vinni Bambi range - 100% bamboo and Cotton blend. It crochets up beautifully and just love the texture of this yarn.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Little Unloved Pillow.....

So this is a bit of a strange tale.... and it just made me realize again how unique each of us are! About a year ago I didn't have a specific project planned so I grabbed little odds and ends of my huggeeee yarn stash and decided to just crochet whatever came to mind... I tried different stitches... basically just crocheted without a plan. The end result was a square.... so after some contemplation I decided to just turn it into a pillow.. (not surprising as I already have a kazillion pillow covers hahaha). Anyway... truthfully.. I didn't really like it. One of those projects you kinda just finish... look at it..and think..meh...

After I finished the pillow cover, did all the sewing up, I decided to just plonk it in the shop. Now please bear in mind that I have quite a few pillows in the shop..ALL of which I adore!! They have all been in the shop quite a while, and although everybody ooh's and aah' one has actually bought said pillows. Until last week.... when I had three people coming in (all on the same day) and walked straight to this mish mash pillow... (I ofcourse was sitting behind my table thinking..."really!!???")..  All 3 wanted to buy this little unloved pillow!! None had cash with them and all left promising to return for this pillow. Like I know customers... few ever return for a purchase so I was thinking that was the last of it. (not)

Next day someones walks in and loves it so much she puts a deposit down on the pillow... saying she'd return to pay the rest the next day. I ofcourse took the deposit not thinking that any of the other peeps would return..boy was I wrong!.. They proceeded to come in one after the in hand... to purchase the pillow. Bear in mind..there are about 6 other pillows available..but no! They wanted THIS one... and they were seriously cheesed off with me when I had to tell them that sorry..the pillow was kinda half sold! haha.

Anyway.. I promised to make more of this "mish mash" pillow..which I dread.. as I really don't like it. And how do you motivate yourself to crochet pillows you didnt like creating in the first place!!?? Oh well... what a weird experience - and one that tought me that we are all unique.. and that taste most DEFENITELY differs!! lol

The little unloved pillow:

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a Rosy view on Serviette Rings....

I've been crocheting serviette rings in different shapes and forms for a while now.. I just love the way they look on a beautifully decorated table.. they just add something real and rustic. I love combining the texture of crochet with something like pure linen serviettes..  juxtaposed against a crisp white dinner plate and et viola!! They are soft and flexible which means you can fold and pose those serviettes in any number of ways lol.... I always find the wooden or metallic rings so.... you can basically roll the serviettes up and thats it! Boring!! Recently I found these most amazing handmade fabric roses.. the lady that makes them spends so much time in  making them "just perfect!"... and the different fabrics she uses makes my creative mind just trip on all the different natural fibres I can combine them with haha!! If I just had the time to make everything I think about!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gorgeous Granny Square Blanket

This was a collaberation with a friend and I am sooo excited with the result!! I am just in love with the colours and the overall effect it reached. This was made for the shop, but after seeing the finished product I am so reluctant to sell it hahahha...... It's one of those things you just fall in love with instantly. That said, I put it in the shop this morning for display... (hoping it would bring in orders - not necessarily sell it)..and the first customer that walked in bought it :( ...... I finally convinced her to let me keep it in the shop for another week.... (the reason is more selfish than functional lol..I just want to spend some more time with it lol)... it is:

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