Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a Rosy view on Serviette Rings....

I've been crocheting serviette rings in different shapes and forms for a while now.. I just love the way they look on a beautifully decorated table.. they just add something real and rustic. I love combining the texture of crochet with something like pure linen serviettes..  juxtaposed against a crisp white dinner plate and et viola!! They are soft and flexible which means you can fold and pose those serviettes in any number of ways lol.... I always find the wooden or metallic rings so.... you can basically roll the serviettes up and thats it! Boring!! Recently I found these most amazing handmade fabric roses.. the lady that makes them spends so much time in  making them "just perfect!"... and the different fabrics she uses makes my creative mind just trip on all the different natural fibres I can combine them with haha!! If I just had the time to make everything I think about!!


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I am an Artist and a Craft-addict... I am passionate about anything that involves creating something from scratch. I would love to revive an interest in our traditional crafts like knitting and crochet. The art and skill involved in it amazes me. I learn every day.....
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