Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Little Unloved Pillow.....

So this is a bit of a strange tale.... and it just made me realize again how unique each of us are! About a year ago I didn't have a specific project planned so I grabbed little odds and ends of my huggeeee yarn stash and decided to just crochet whatever came to mind... I tried different stitches... basically just crocheted without a plan. The end result was a square.... so after some contemplation I decided to just turn it into a pillow.. (not surprising as I already have a kazillion pillow covers hahaha). Anyway... truthfully.. I didn't really like it. One of those projects you kinda just finish... look at it..and think..meh...

After I finished the pillow cover, did all the sewing up, I decided to just plonk it in the shop. Now please bear in mind that I have quite a few pillows in the shop..ALL of which I adore!! They have all been in the shop quite a while, and although everybody ooh's and aah's..no one has actually bought said pillows. Until last week.... when I had three people coming in (all on the same day) and walked straight to this mish mash pillow... (I ofcourse was sitting behind my table thinking..."really!!???")..  All 3 wanted to buy this little unloved pillow!! None had cash with them and all left promising to return for this pillow. Like I know customers... few ever return for a purchase so I was thinking that was the last of it. (not)

Next day someones walks in and loves it so much she puts a deposit down on the pillow... saying she'd return to pay the rest the next day. I ofcourse took the deposit not thinking that any of the other peeps would return..boy was I wrong!.. They proceeded to come in one after the other..cash in hand... to purchase the pillow. Bear in mind..there are about 6 other pillows available..but no! They wanted THIS one... and they were seriously cheesed off with me when I had to tell them that sorry..the pillow was kinda half sold! haha.

Anyway.. I promised to make more of this "mish mash" pillow..which I dread.. as I really don't like it. And how do you motivate yourself to crochet pillows you didnt like creating in the first place!!?? Oh well... what a weird experience - and one that tought me that we are all unique.. and that taste most DEFENITELY differs!! lol

The little unloved pillow:


Anonymous said...

i would like to buy this pillow or buy the pattern.

RubyRed said...

Hi Anonymous! I will work on getting a pattern together for this as I just did it without following any sort of patterns - it was just one of those organic things that just kinda "began" lol...but I have had a few requests regarding this so watch this space - I will start working on it :)

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