Sunday, 9 October 2011

WIP - Spanish Tiles Cushion Cover

Still needs to be sewn up and finished off.  The pattern is from the book 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws by the The Needlecraft Shop  There are some other amazing patterns in this book as well... a good buy!


Lynn Wolfe said...

Gorgeous! I have this book and have looked at this pattern longingly before. This inspires me to do one!

RubyRed said...

You really should! :) When at first I looked at the picture it came across as a bit daunting - but once I had one or two done it was really easy - Just wish I had the patience to actually do the throw in stead of just a pillow cover hahhahaah..... xxx

Stephanie Newman said...

I really like your border - it's not the one in the book. What did you do?

RubyRed said...

Hi Stephanie! It is actually a very simple border - had to make a more solid border as I turned this into a cushion cover and didn't want it to stretch too much. After all the hexagons were joined I simply worked across all the stitches (making sure i worked the same amount of stitches on all 4 sides) and worked 2 rows in single crochet (red) row in half double crochet (green) and the final three rows, also half double crochet, in the original yellow.

Hope this helps?? let me know if anything is unclear....

Kind regards...

Adriana Ochoa said...

I like this colours, so much!! Thanks

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