Saturday, 1 October 2011

A lost knitter in South Africa

I really want this yarn!! Lol
I think I might be living in a Where are all the great yarn shops and knitting speciality stores?? All I seem to find around me are craft stores with a tiny section devoted to knitting. Most of the yarns are acrylic blends ... the colours leave me wanting...  I dream of walking into a store with wall to wall yarns of all sorts...all colours!

Which is probably why I started this blog. I'm hoping to run in to some other South African knitters here in cyber world. I'm hoping to create a platform where we can share ideas, exchange tips and maybe just make that dream come true of walking into that dream store!!


Christina said...

Hi Lost knitter, I live in Wellington and am also on the look out for the dream yarn store with the most glorius knitting wool yarns and blends and cottons and linens and alpaca and silk . . . in the most beautiful colours . . . to knit the lovely patterns of Jared Flood or Rowan . . . and other designers.

RubyRed said...

OOO yay!! So glad you replied to my post!! And great to "meet" you! There is hope after all! hahah..... and I'm working on making that dream come true... And knowing there are more frustrated knitters and crocheters out there makes me even more determined!

Lots of yarn love.... Lynne

Heidi said...

Hi Lynne,
I am not sure where you live in SA, but we have whole host of friends who knit and crochet scattered around the country :) Do you have a Rav account? Send me an email on
and we can hook everyone up and hopefully meet at the Joburg Expo if you are thinking of visiting :)

happy design said...

Try Thimbles in Durbanville - I always find something pretty there ( (not sure where you live?)

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