Friday, 18 January 2013

Gorgeous Granny Square Blanket

This was a collaberation with a friend and I am sooo excited with the result!! I am just in love with the colours and the overall effect it reached. This was made for the shop, but after seeing the finished product I am so reluctant to sell it hahahha...... It's one of those things you just fall in love with instantly. That said, I put it in the shop this morning for display... (hoping it would bring in orders - not necessarily sell it)..and the first customer that walked in bought it :( ...... I finally convinced her to let me keep it in the shop for another week.... (the reason is more selfish than functional lol..I just want to spend some more time with it lol)... it is:


भानस said...

Wow! Very nice work. Loved it.

Rose :: Fine Craft said...

Oh, that is awesome, to sell it right away! Good for you. You can always just make an other one and sell that too... ;-) Given how much work it is to make these, I would think they would be rather expensive: labor + yarn...

RubyRed said...

Thank you so much! and yes..I suppose its a good time to start another one lol.. You are so right about the cost of such a blanket - people really don't seem to understand. I had a lady in the other day asking me if the blankets are made from some exotic wool or something as they are pricey - I explained the amount of time and cost of wool - she didnt "get" it lol... The blankets arent really that expensive (R1350)... defenitely more a labour of love than anything else... that basically covers the wool - not much else lol... xxx

Anicolyour said...

Do you have a pattern for this blankwt? I love it

Eugene said...

Guess I've got some catching up to do when it comes deciding on colors. First, I'll work on figuring out how to make hypertufa molds, and then start working colors.

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