Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Little Unloved Pillow.....

So this is a bit of a strange tale.... and it just made me realize again how unique each of us are! About a year ago I didn't have a specific project planned so I grabbed little odds and ends of my huggeeee yarn stash and decided to just crochet whatever came to mind... I tried different stitches... basically just crocheted without a plan. The end result was a square.... so after some contemplation I decided to just turn it into a pillow.. (not surprising as I already have a kazillion pillow covers hahaha). Anyway... truthfully.. I didn't really like it. One of those projects you kinda just finish... look at it..and think..meh...

After I finished the pillow cover, did all the sewing up, I decided to just plonk it in the shop. Now please bear in mind that I have quite a few pillows in the shop..ALL of which I adore!! They have all been in the shop quite a while, and although everybody ooh's and aah's..no one has actually bought said pillows. Until last week.... when I had three people coming in (all on the same day) and walked straight to this mish mash pillow... (I ofcourse was sitting behind my table thinking..."really!!???")..  All 3 wanted to buy this little unloved pillow!! None had cash with them and all left promising to return for this pillow. Like I know customers... few ever return for a purchase so I was thinking that was the last of it. (not)

Next day someones walks in and loves it so much she puts a deposit down on the pillow... saying she'd return to pay the rest the next day. I ofcourse took the deposit not thinking that any of the other peeps would return..boy was I wrong!.. They proceeded to come in one after the other..cash in hand... to purchase the pillow. Bear in mind..there are about 6 other pillows available..but no! They wanted THIS one... and they were seriously cheesed off with me when I had to tell them that sorry..the pillow was kinda half sold! haha.

Anyway.. I promised to make more of this "mish mash" pillow..which I dread.. as I really don't like it. And how do you motivate yourself to crochet pillows you didnt like creating in the first place!!?? Oh well... what a weird experience - and one that tought me that we are all unique.. and that taste most DEFENITELY differs!! lol

The little unloved pillow:

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

a Rosy view on Serviette Rings....

I've been crocheting serviette rings in different shapes and forms for a while now.. I just love the way they look on a beautifully decorated table.. they just add something real and rustic. I love combining the texture of crochet with something like pure linen serviettes..  juxtaposed against a crisp white dinner plate and et viola!! They are soft and flexible which means you can fold and pose those serviettes in any number of ways lol.... I always find the wooden or metallic rings so.... rigid..lol.... you can basically roll the serviettes up and thats it! Boring!! Recently I found these most amazing handmade fabric roses.. the lady that makes them spends so much time in  making them "just perfect!"... and the different fabrics she uses makes my creative mind just trip on all the different natural fibres I can combine them with haha!! If I just had the time to make everything I think about!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gorgeous Granny Square Blanket

This was a collaberation with a friend and I am sooo excited with the result!! I am just in love with the colours and the overall effect it reached. This was made for the shop, but after seeing the finished product I am so reluctant to sell it hahahha...... It's one of those things you just fall in love with instantly. That said, I put it in the shop this morning for display... (hoping it would bring in orders - not necessarily sell it)..and the first customer that walked in bought it :( ...... I finally convinced her to let me keep it in the shop for another week.... (the reason is more selfish than functional lol..I just want to spend some more time with it lol)...

Anyway..here it is:

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