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FREE Pattern - Crochet Flower Potstand

I came across this beautiful pattern for a potstand/holder on a Dutch lady's blog - Lindevrouw's Web. She has some awesome work on her blog and it's definitely worth a visit! :)- albeit all in Dutch lol. I took the liberty of translating her pattern into English as well as crocheting one up as I went along - The English pattern is as follows: (the original pattern in Dutch is here:

Skill Level:   Easy-Intermediate


Colours and Yarns are up to you. As long as you use a hook suitable for the yarn thickness. I used Vinni's Colours - Nikkim 100% Cotton in Lime, Stone and Khaki; 3mm Crochet Hook



You can make this design in any colour variants of your choice - Start with a magic loop or 5 chains joined with a ss.

Round 1:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 15dc in ring, join with ss. (16dc)
Round 2:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 2dc in each st around, join with ss. (30dc)
Round 3:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc in same st, *1dc in next stitch, 2dc in next stitch*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss. (45dc)
Round 4:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc in same stitch, 1ch, 2dc in same stitch, *1ch, skip next 2 stitches, (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in next stitch*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss. (15 groups)

Round 5:  ss to centre of 1st group,* in each ch1 space at the centre of the grouping make 2dc,1ch, 2dc, ss in the ch1 space between the groupings*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss.
Round 6:  ss to the centre of the 1st group *(work only in the ch1 space in the middle of each group), make 3dc, 1ch, 3dc, 1ch*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss.

Round 7:  Repeat Round 6.
Round 8:  ss to centre of 1st group *(work only in the ch1 space in the middle of each group), make 4dc, 2ch, 4dc, 1ch*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss.

Round 9:   ss to centre of 1st group *(work only in the ch1 space in the middle of each group), make 5dc, 2ch,5dc, 1ch*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss.
Round 10:  1ch, 1sc in same space,* in the ch2 space in the middle of the grouping make 12dc, 1sc in the ch space between the groupings*, repeat from * to * around, join with ss and fasten off.

Work Round 1 - 10 again for second motif.

When you have finished both motifs, work in all loose ends. Place the 2 motifs against each other, right sides facing outward. Join yarn at the centre of two groupings (working through both pieces), make 20ch, ss into same stitch as joining. Work over the 20ch with sc until there are enough sc to make a strong loop. ss again into the same stitch as joining.

Now crochet though both pieces using only ss, going down to the centre using the gaps/holes on the motif. Make sure not to make the ss too tight as this will make the motif scrunch and warp. Once you reach the outer edge of the centre piece, turn around and go back up using the same spaces as you did going down. (Tip: I found it easier to work with the yarn at the bottom of the work, pushing the hook through and just pulling the yarn up through the pieces.)

Once at the top, work around the scallop using each of the 12 stitches. Repeat this all around the motifs until you are back at your hanging loop. Join with a ss and fasten off. Work in loose ends. (Tip: Continuously turn your work around and make sure you place your stitches in the right gap at the back - if your motifs shift on top of one another you might hook the needle through the wrong space at the back making it look untidy at the back).


Bearlakenana said...

Thank you for taking the time to translate and share. I really like this and plan on making.

Tamara - Moogly said...

This is gorgeous! I found you on Pinterest and linked to this page on my blog this morning:

Thanks for sharing!

Trish said...

Beautiful! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to try this pattern BUT with so much spring-work, I am going to have to wait until winter time so I can concetrate. BUT I WILL accomplish it!!

Shawna K said...

Thank you for this.I found a similar one on ravelry but it did not give very clear instruction on the outlining. Going down and then up again in the same stitches sounds like it will give me a much nicer look that what I was trying to do.

IRINA said...

GUAU!!!! I love this tutorial!!! are amazing, thanks!

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. thanks for sharing

Liz Storey said...

Great pattern, tried it myself, check out my blog for a photo!

Anonymous said...

i just made this...turned out it...thanks for the great

Reme said...

Gracias por el tutorial, eres muy amable, espero hacerlo pronto. Un saludo

cecilia anguiano said...

Thank you! Have a great day! I been looking for this pattern for a while :)

Rebekka. said...

Thank you very much for the pattern, made them for my mother in shades of green and with beige partings :)!

lily liu said...

Thank you for sharing... I made this one yesterday. It's so beautiful . I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

My chrochet project:

RubyRed said...

Thanks so much for all your comments! I'm sSOOOOO excited to hear of all your own attempts at this projects! Thanks for commenting and letting me know!

Mindy said...

Thank you so much for translating this pattern for us ... I will make it today. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Is is just me or are the stitch counts off on row 2 and 3? Row 1 starts with 16 and then in row 2 it doubles to 32 (you have 30) and then in row 3 it doubles every other stitch to 48 (you have 45) -- Am I seeing this wrong??

Anonymous said...

I emailed you about the above comment and couldn't figure out how to then delete the comment.

Englemor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Englemor said...

Great pattern, I just finished my yellow, orange and red flower. Since I prefer chart patterns, I drew one from your text pattern. Is it ok if I publish it on my blog if I link to and credit you? http//

Anonymous said...

this pattern is confusing in row 2,3 and 4. Counts are off.

Clipping Path India said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rustam Ali said...

Such a great flower that is really awesome work.
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Clipping Path service

Vanessa Carlson said...

I agree with those who pointed out the miscounted rows....and if some the the following deleted comments were responding to that, why not let them remain so the rest of us could see the reply? For my part, I counted as best I could he stitches in the picture. I see 30 in row two, so I'll assume that's accurate since by row 4 we need 15 groups of three, which would add up to the 45 in row 3.

RubyRed said...

Hi Vanessa, the removed comments were spam and advertisements - nothing to do with the pattern. Apologies if there are a counting error in row 2 , I have not had time to go through the pattern in detail and look for errors. I will as soon as work and time allows. The only other alternative is to remove the pattern - if some of you crocheters have confirmed there is a mistake - please feel free to post the correct ammendments here in the comments so others can see until i can fix?

luva standardbred said...

Any idea how I would revise this down to make flower coasters instead of trivets? Love love LOVE this design! Thank you so much :-)

Catherine Nelson said...

Row one should read as follows
Round 1: 3ch (counts as 1dc), 14dc in ring, join with ss. (15dc)

Jackie Tiner said...

Do you offer in a PDF format?

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