Tuesday, 6 November 2012

a Proud Tea Cosy Custodian

I've come to a gradual realization that my youth is now a distant memory... lol... Things I thought were absolutely horrendous as a young adult..has now become..uhhmm.... charming. Things I ABSOLUTELY INSISTED I'd NEVER have in my house... now features centre stage as you enter the door. Colours I thought the bane of any home has found a place in many of my creations. Isn't it strange and amazing how we find appreciation in things as we grow older. Growing older has never been a bad or scary thing in my own mind - instead I've always thought it quite exciting! I often laugh at myself when I find myself rolling my eyes at teenagers or young adults thinking "ooooooo you've still got a lot to learn"..hahahah... and I immediately chastise myself thinking..."honey!! you were ten times worse!!"... lol...

So... bearing this new-found-love-of-the-charming in mind - my newest obession... wait for it..... tea cosies! Yep!!..Tea pots in different shapes and sizes have become a passion of mine... I just think they are so darn cute!!! So just as my grandmother...and hundreds of grandmothers before her, had cupboards filled with different teapots with beautifully handmade tea cosies - I now have the same love of the little pots......

Confessions are always so liberating! This is currently my favourite little pot - unfortunately I made it for the shop - but I'm considering just keeping it (evil grin)!


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