Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Can you believe it's almost Christmas again!!??

The other day I took my gran to the mall to do some shopping and all the store displays had changed to christmassy stuff - I realized it was November - but somehow the sight of all the christmas lights and decorations and music brought it home ...hard! Where had the time gone!!?? And worst of all - this year it has caught me quite unaware - I have nothing planned yet - no colour combinations, no gifts planned (or made mind you), no sparkly ideas in mind - nothing...nadda...ziltch!

So in an effort to avoid a panic attack, I grabbed my hook and started doing something...ANYTHING christmassy. It didnt work - I realized how long it takes to do these handmade things. But...after a while..the worst of the panic had gone and I realized I can only do what I can do...not sure how long this mindset will prevail - but I'm going to enjoy sanity while it lasts ;)


muis 2 said...

oulike sterretjies <3

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