Monday, 5 November 2012

Exciting News I haven't posted for a very very long time. It's just been so hectic...moving...and I've been working on my new venture - which I'm very excited about. I have decided to open a little shop - nothing fancy..just real! My passion for all things art and craft inspired me to finally do something about it - so RubyRed Eclectic Handmade Originals was born...:)  Obviously it takes quite a while for me actually MAKE something - so I've been working hard to get some stock ready so I can open the shop.

This raises a bit of a dilemma to be honest -( giggles) - I'm not sure if I'm praying that everything sells on opening day or that things sell veerryyy sloowwllyy so I can have time to replenish stock hahah....!! In the end I realized that this shoppy is not there to mass produce or become commercial in any way. It's my attempt to keep a love of crafts alive, to have a platform and create an environment in which to live out my creativity, to inspire people to re-connect and appreciate things that took time, skill and love to create. Our world has become such a fast-paced, immediate access, mass producing environment - little emphasis remains on the things that take time... but they are so rewarding! And hence the little shop where the old world and the new world meet. A place to make you smile and hopefully a place that inspires!


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I am an Artist and a Craft-addict... I am passionate about anything that involves creating something from scratch. I would love to revive an interest in our traditional crafts like knitting and crochet. The art and skill involved in it amazes me. I learn every day.....
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