Thursday, 7 February 2013

Boho Crochet Bag in Progress

 Been wanting to make this for a looonnnggg time. So! no time like the present. My friends over at Woolhogs are having a MADE IT collection for February - so why not use that as an excuse!! Not done yet - still need to add the lining and the strap - but so far so good. Will defenitely have it finished in feb lol!

The boho bag features my favourite - the African Hexagon (pattern on my blog)! And I chose to use the lovely Vinni Bambi range - 100% bamboo and Cotton blend. It crochets up beautifully and just love the texture of this yarn.


Anonymous said...


Magpies Delights Crafty Home said...

What a fantastic make xxx


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Ana said...

Beautiful colors, I love it!!!

Roberta Bortoluzzi said...

Hi, I love your blog always has nice things here, beijokas ...

Shelia french said...

Try to find pattern

Shelia french said...

Please help

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