Sunday, 19 January 2014

FREE Pattern - Granny Circle to Square How-To...

Wow...  I haven't posted in forever. So I thought a good way to start off again was to post another pattern haha....  A while ago I posted the granny blanket that was such a hit (Granny blanket post)- it sold so quickly and I really miss the happy, vibrant colours. Decided I will just have to hook another one - and basically stick to similar colours. I thougth I'd share the pattern with you so you can create your own little happy blanket!! :)

Skill Level: Easy


Any yarn, scraps etc. As long you choose the same thickness throughout the blanket. This specific (new) blanket is being done in double knit and I used a 3mm crochet hook.


Round 1:    Colour A - Make 5 ch and ss into first chain to form a ring.
Round 2:    3ch (forms 1st dc), make 11 dc into the ring and join with ss into first dc. (12 dc in ring).

 Round 3:   Join with colour B anywhere. 3ch (forms 1st dc), 1dc in same space, *1ch, 2dc in next space                        between stitches on previous round*, repeat from * to * around the ring, 1ch and join with ss to                    1st stitch. (there will be 12 x clusters of 2dc's)

Round 4:    Join with colour C in any ch1 sp of previous round. 3ch (forms 1st dc), 2dc in same space, *in                      next ch1 space of previous round make 3dc*, repeat from * to * around and join with ss into                        1st stitch. (there will be 12 x clusters of 3dc's)

Round 5:    Join with colour D in any space between the 3dc clusters of previous round. 3ch (forms 1st dc), (2dc , 2ch, 3dc in same space)(forms 1st corner),** in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc,  in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc, in next spc between clusters on previous round make (3dc, 2ch, 3dc in same space) (corner made)**, repeat from ** to ** twice, in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc,  in next spc between clusters on previous round make 3dc, join with ss into first corner cluster. 

and there!! Your first Granny circle-to-square...just about 200 to go! hahaha.... I love the versatility that granny's give with regards to colour use. And because this pattern almost creates a little "flower" in the centre, it makes it just a little more interesting. 

TIP:  I always block my blocks before sewing them together - it just creates a much neater finish. This pattern also lends itself to the join-as-you-go method and those who prefer to use that method can do so easily.

I hope this pattern was clear. But!!! I did it quite quickly so if I made a mistake please let me know so I can fix it!! 

Anyway - off to carry on with my own blanky! lots of yarn love to you all!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this gorgeous pattern! Can´t wait to give it a try.

Emma Pearce said...

Arghhhhhh! I need to make everything you keep showing us! It is all so gorgeous. I want lol xxxx

Cazlove2004 said...

What is block my blocks please



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