Tuesday, 1 November 2011

FairIsle Flower Garden

I am just in love with this pattern.  The original design is called "Daisy" by Ruth Sorenson - you can link to her ravelry page here: Daisy Pattern - Ruth Sorenson

This little weekend project started out as a simple swatch to see what it would look like with the colors I had to my disposal.  I fell in love and the swatch has now turned into something new..haha. I still have no idea what it is going to end up as (probably another cushion cover as I seem to making copious amounts of those these days! haha.. they are quick to knit...fun to explore different techniques and color combinations... and at least turns into something you can use in the end.)

So this pattern is fair isle done in the round.... the color combination up to this point is developing as it goes lol... but I think I'll stick to this pallet...love the bright colors thrown together - seems fitting with the flower garden theme! ;)

WIP so far:


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