Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Persian Tiles Cushion Cover

.....and finnaalllyyyy this little pillow case saw the day of light. The birth of this fair isle project was my very first blog post ...as well as my very first attempt at fair isle knitting. I've always admired and drooled over the gorgeous patterns, colour play and intricate motifs created by fair isle designers - wondering how in the world someone was able to come up with those beautiful designs and managed to actually portray them in knitting.

During all my google and ravelry searches three names kept popping up as fair isle royalty, Alice and Jade Starmore as well as the colour guy himself - Kaffe Fassett.  So it was only natural that my choice of pattern for my virgin voyage into the world of "ferraling" was going to be from one of these guru's.  And after paging through their books many...many...many times...and changing my mind ...many..many times.... I finally decided on a pattern by Jade Starmore called Persian Tiles.  Loved the "tiled" look and the intricate way the tiles fit into each other.

Mind you...before this project I never even attempted knitting on circular needles...ahhahaha.... and since then I've hardly knitted with anything else. So after a LOT of counting...unravelling rows of faulty knitting.... I was done.  The project kinda grinded to a halt...or went into serious hibernation after that because I never got around to do the sewing up.  So recently I unpacked the sewing machine.... bought some material...and got the process going again.  ...and taaddaaaaaaaaa....... a pillow cover was born.

The pattern is available in the book "A Collectors Item - Jade Starmore". Unfortunately this pattern is not available for download and I had to buy the book to obtain it.  One can buy it directly from the Starmore's website: www.virtualyarns.com 


Lea said...

Beautiful! :-)

jardinrouge said...

What a lovely pillow, and the colours really pop!!!

RubyRed said...

Thank you so much! In hindsight I should've probably used a blue and white/cream combination as I think that would have fitted my colour scheme better! haha... But very happy non the less!! xx

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